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Atlanta Poets Group ~ performances from Love Songs:

  Song No 3, No 6, Song No 10, No 22, No 93, Song No 97, No 100, No 101, No 114, No 116,     Song No 144, Song No 147; essay on Love Songs

Genji Amino ~ “Simplify”  

Robin Brox & mIEKAL aND ~ "of fracture" (rewriting Bruce Andrews's Factura), Xerox Sutra 2012

Dennis Büscher-Ulbrich ~ photos: B.A. fireworks, B.A.'s office door (Room 666)

David Buuck ~ "Bruce Value" (video)

Miles Champion ~ “Confidence Trick OST”:  birthday playlist, rock'n'roll  2008    

Cris Cheek ~ "hedge fun (for Bruce Andrews)" & "back up 1 (4 Bruce Andrews)"

J. Gordon Faylor ~ "Guestbook/Note"

Googolism ~ for ‘City of the Future,” “Spaced Out,” “Bruce Andrews” on Silvers's concert

Tony Green ~ "Collage" & “3-D Symposium Contribution”: photos: 1, 2, 3, 4,

David Jhave Johnston ~  online interface to mashup B.A. PennSound audiiofiles: one, another [password 'ban']

Jack Kimball ~ “More revision ideas,” blog note, 2003   

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Andy Martrich ~ “Read Corona by Bruce Andrews while listening to the Lord of the Rings soundtrack” 

Charlie Morrow ~ "SPELL Bruce"

Julie Ezelle Patton ~ "for Bruce, on this December 7 steals the show" 2012

Regina Pinto ~ ‘A’ signage: sound & animation of eight B.A. photos

Rob’s Amazing Poem Generator ~ “Definition”  

Rob’s Amazing Poem Generator ~ “Jeopardy”  

Melissa Ragona ~ "Essay 34" (aka Blossom Remix) — sampling from B.A.'s Strike Me Lightning & other sources

Tom Raworth ~ "Graphic Homage to Bruce Andrews" 2012    

Jerry Rothenberg ~ “Language”: poem for C.B. & B.A.  

Dirk Rowntree ~ photo of B.A., RailroadMan  

Andy Sterling ~ "SI FOG" & "The Valley Rose

Edwin Torres ~ "Proto Messianic Wonton"

Unknown ~ “Datamosh” 

Chris Vaisvil ~ music & techniques, setting of “jjj” from Moebius