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Writing Workshops

Many independent writing and literary centers in New York City offer high-quality workshops in fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and all things written creatively. Here is a selection of the best ones we know. 

New York is also home to many colleges and universities, including The New School, New York University, Columbia University, Sarah Lawrence College, and others. Many if not all of these offer creative writing workshops through their schools of continuing education.

And, you could always START YOUR OWN WRITING GROUP. It’s friendly, it’s free, and many writers have found deeply sustaining community and productivity in writing groups.


Interested in an MFA in creative writing?

A must first stop is this listing of fully-funded MFA programs. There are many of these now, and many are not only full-tuition rides, but also come with stipends.  

Also check out the website of the Association of Writers and Writing Programs, which is packed with information not only about writing programs, but also about all things related to the writing life.

Ready to apply? An excellent tool is Interfolio, a dossier service to which you upload all your materials and from which you can then send them out as needed to meet your various deadlines. A particularly important feature of Interfolio is the fact that your recommenders also upload their recommendations once there, and you can send them out when you need them. It works better for all concerned.

A word of advice: the fall is recommendation season, when your professors or other mentors are most likely being flooded with requests for recommendations. As much as they may like you and admire your writing, any recommender needs at least 30 days notice that you need a recommendation. Also, that request should come with a link to Interfolio, any pertinent information about the program(s) to which you’re applying, and a recent writing sample isn’t a bad idea, especially if it’s been several year since you were in that professor or mentor’s company.