Friday, December 7, 2012

6:00 – 9:00 PM

South Lounge, Lincoln Center Campus

113 W. 60th Street

New York, NY  10023

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A panel and reading in honor of poet and Fordham faculty member Bruce Andrews, a leading figure in avant-garde writing and performance since the 1970s. The author of over thirty volumes of poetry, Andrews has taught political science at Fordham since 1975. As co-founder of the ground-breaking journal L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E, Andrews was among a small group of writers who instigated what is arguably the biggest shift in American poetry in the last generation. First, a panel of prominent scholars will present papers on Andrews’ work, moderated by poet-critic Charles Bernstein. After a brief break and reception, Andrews will read from his work.



Wikipedia ~ Bio Note   

Electronic Poetry Center ~ Critical Responses on Author page 




Gilbert Adair ~ on Give Em Enough Rope, in Reality Studios   

Brian Ang ~ “Structure of The Millennium Project” (revision)  

Brian Ang ~ on Lip Service 2001

Joel Bettridge ~ "B.A.'s Lip Service and the Character of True Reading": 2012 book chapter

Joel Bettridge ~ "Reading Hurts—Masochism and LIP SERVICE as a Tortured Text": early version of 2012 book chapter     

Joel Bettridge ~ "Bruce Andrews's Language of Belief" — in Jacket 22, 2003

Joel Bettridge ~ “Language as Politics” 2001, from 1997 undergraduate thesis    

Gregg Biglieri ~ "Invitation to a Misreading: Andrews's Lip Service" in The Consequence of  Innovation, and in Jacket 22, 2003

Jeremiah Rush Bowen ~ "Offensive Poetics: Practice, Extension, and Productivity in the Poetics of Bruce Andrews" — NPF Orono Conference paper & abstract, 2012

Sherry Brennan ~ “On Lip Service” 2003 in Jacket 22 

Dennis Büscher-Ulbrich ~ "Bruce Andrews, Dissensus and the Critique of Subjectivity: or, the  Poet as Editor as Reader" 2012 NPF Orono Conference

Louis Cabri ~ "Social address and the modernist word in Louis Zukofsky, Bruce Andrews, P. Inman" — dissertation abstract 2005 

Louis Cabri ~ “Mere Essay at Bruce Andrews’s ‘Social’” — in Jacket 22, 2003  

Alan Clinton ~ "The Encyclopedic Impulse: Poetry Before the Internet" — Orono Conference paper & abstract, 2012

Jim Cocola ~ “If It’s Real Broke Why Fix It: Bruce Andrews and Experimental Poetics”        2005/2012   

Barbara Cole ~ "Bruce Andrews's Venus: Paying Lip Service to Écriture Féminine" — in Jacket 22, 2003

Bill Freind, "Modernism, Advertising, and Lip Service" — in Jacket 22, 2003

Dan Glass ~ “Think Locally, Don’t Think Globally: Bruce Andrews, NWA, and ‘The Language of  the Street’”              

Alan Golding ~ "Visual Materiality in Bruce Andrews" — in Jacket 22, 2003

George Hartley ~ "Commentary on the Work of Bruce Andrews," from Textual Politics and the Language Poets

Daniel Kane ~ on Richard Hell  (& B.A., pp. 355-358, etc.) 2011

Hank Lazer ~ "'to make equality less drab': The Writing of Bruce Andrews"

Joshua Liebowitz ~ "'finite until': Toward a Self-Organized, Highly Flammable Syntax"

Ming-qian Ma ~ “’Nonsense bargains’: Inversely-Proportional Writing and the Poetics of  ‘Expenditure without Reserve’ in Bruce Andrews’s Work”    

Jerome McGann ~ "The Apparatus of Loss: Bruce Andrews Writing" in The Point is to Change It

Brian McHale ~ "Will the Revolution Be Televised?": on McGrath & B.A.'s 'Confidence Trick'  2004

Peter Middleton ~ “Performing An Experiment, Performing a Poem: Allen Fisher and Bruce Andrews” 

John Melillo ~ “Secret Locations in the Lower East Side: Downtown Poetics 1960-80” 

Stephen Mooney ~ "Complex Time: Bruce Andrews and Joan Retallack" 2012

Stephen Mooney ~ "Discontinuous Visuality—Brakhage’s ‘just seeing’, and background temporality in contemporary poetics" — cf. #99-124, 2009

Ted Pearson ~ "Bruce Andrews: 'Debauching the Sine Wave'"  2012  

Bob Perelman ~ "This Just In: Past Haunts 'Lip Service'": — in Jacket 22, 2003

Marjorie Perloff ~ "Bruce Andrews on the Edge"  2012

Paul Quinn ~ "Revoke the Sponsors" 2005/12

Jed Rasula ~ “Andrews Extremities Bruce

James Sherry ~ "Bonding Poets" 2012 



Chris Alexander ~ "Intro" to 2011 reading, read by Rob Fitterman, 1:14 to 5:15 on tape

Robert Archambeau ~ "Bruce Andrews, Bill O'Reilly, and the Location of Knowledge" 2012

Brian Ang ~ on The Millennium Project & The L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E Book  

Ronaldo Augusto ~ “um despachante da avant-garde” 2009 

Paul Baker ~ "Word Salad" on Designated Heartbeat  2008

Jasper Bernes ~ on New Yipes Reading  2006

Joel Bettridge ~ Rain Taxi review of Lip Service 2002

Charles Borkhuis ~ “Introduction” 2008     

Franklin Bruno ~ "Bassassins, or Anyone Can Weasel" 2012 Listserv ~ Archive Search 1995-2007  

Dennis Büscher-Ulbrich, "S=P=R=A=C=H=E" note on B.A. translations, pp. 197-201

Louis Cabri ~ on Andrews/Rod Smith Philly Talks  1998

Louis Cabri ~ “Response to Silliman on Allusion,” blog note, 2003

Colin Dingler ~ Intro to U.C. Berkeley, Holloway Series reading, 21' to 27'  2010  

Stacy Doris ~ "After Language Poetry"

Craig Dworkin ~ description of MLA panel on Andrews, 2002  

Al Filreis ~ "As Bruce Andrews's world turns" 2011  

Al Filreis ~ "Bruce vs. Bill"  2008 

Michael Golston ~ student notes on Lip Service, Columbia Univ. graduate seminar, 2012

David Hadbawnik ~ "Against Progress | Primitive Information — & Comments"  2010 

Andrew Howe ~ Bio entry, pp. 11-12 

Kevin Killian ~ "What I Saw at the Orono Conference 2008"  

Jack Kimball ~  on Swoon Noir blog note  2007 

Elizabeth Knipe ~ “Reader vs. Author in Bruce Andrews’s ‘Electronic Poetics’” 

Doug Lang ~ note with ancient pix blog 2007 

Doug Lang ~ on Orono 2008 reading, “Poetry of the 1970s”  blog note  2008 

Claudia La Rocco ~ "Sally Silvers's 'Bonobo Milkshake''' at Roulette" (B.A. text & sound design & performance), New York Times, Nov. 2012

Joseph Lease ~ "Progressive lit.": Amiri Baraka, Bruce Andrews, and the politics of the lyric "I" 

Tan Lin, Chris Funkhouser, Sarah Dowling, Al Filreis ~ "Trained Listener" (PoemTalk #35)  2010 

Marcio-Andre ~ “no Prosa & Verso, sobre Bruce Andrews” in O Globo, 2009  

Deborah Meadows ~ "Outrage of the Week: on Bruce Andrews's Neglect of Pieties" 2012

Melancholy Sideshow blog ~ on Amiri Baraka and ‘Species Means Guilt’  2007 

Nick Monfort ~ on You Can’t Have Everything... Where Would You Put It!  blog note 2012 

Maggie O’Sullivan and Scott Thurston ~ Interview excerpt on EXCLA collaboration  

John Parras ~ "Exploding the Sentence: the Poetic-Political Prose of Bruce Andrews"

Andrew Pearl ~ on Joint Words,  blog note, 2010 

Bob Perelman ~ from Grand Piano 4, "Utopianoplace" — comment & anecdote

Tim Peterson ~  Language Poetry & the Body, blog note on T.P.'s curated panel  2007 

Matt Petronzio ~ “6 Male Poets Who Are Not Afraid to Write About Feminism” blog note

Richard Price ~ on Designated Heartbeat web note

Emily Rosko ~ Intro to 'Poets on the Line'

Ron Silliman ~ on Lip Service & Language Poetry, blog note, 2002  

Rod Silliman ~ on ‘Reading Notes’ & Blogs, 2003 note  

Simultaneouslyagitated blog ~ on early Andrews poems  2007 

Rod Smith ~ "Introduction" to Philly Talks, p. 10, 1998 

Laura Steele ~ on Designated Heartbeat 

Brian Kim Stefans ~ review of Paradise & Method  2002 

Jason Sunder ~ “bruce andrews & a poetics of disgust” 2011 

Roberto Tejada ~ “Becoming Bruce Andrews: A User’s Guide” — in Jacket 22, 2003 

Scott Thurston ~ “Poetry and Movement” on Silvers/Andrews   

Scott Thurston ~ excerpt, interviewing Maggie O'Sullivan, on EXCLA collaboration 

Ubu Editions ~ on Divestiture — A 

Susan Vanderborg ~ intro pages, Paratextual Communities: American Avant-Garde Poetry since 1950  

Samuel Vriezen ~ "Political Rhythm"  2012

Donald Wellman ~ “Editing Coherence” 




Gilbert Adair ~ "for bruce'— contents pages

Atlanta Poets Group ~ performances from Love Songs:

  Song No 3, No 6, Song No 10, No 22, No 93, Song No 97, No 100, No 101, No 114, No 116,     Song No 144, Song No 147; essay on Love Songs

Genji Amino ~ “Simplify”  

Robin Brox & mIEKAL aND ~ "of fracture" (rewriting Bruce Andrews's Factura), Xerox Sutra 2012

Dennis Büscher-Ulbrich ~ photos: B.A. fireworks, B.A.'s office door (Room 666)

David Buuck ~ "Bruce Value" (video)

Miles Champion ~ “Confidence Trick OST”:  birthday playlist, rock'n'roll  2008    

Cris Cheek ~ "hedge fun (for Bruce Andrews)" & "back up 1 (4 Bruce Andrews)"

J. Gordon Faylor ~ "Guestbook/Note"

Googolism ~ for ‘City of the Future,” “Spaced Out,” “Bruce Andrews” on Silvers's concert

Tony Green ~ "Collage" & “3-D Symposium Contribution”: photos: 1, 2, 3, 4,

David Jhave Johnston ~  online interface to mashup B.A. PennSound audiiofiles: one, another [password 'ban']

Jack Kimball ~ “More revision ideas,” blog note, 2003   

Mark Leahy ~ “’graft of intention’: Reading Rimbaud’s ‘Voyelles’ through Andrews’s ‘Vowels’” 

Charles Legere ~ six flyers designed with B.A. photos, 2010: leaf, flower, Key West porch, tape wrap, wall box, wax

Andy Martrich ~ “Read Corona by Bruce Andrews while listening to the Lord of the Rings soundtrack” 

Charlie Morrow ~ "SPELL Bruce"

Julie Ezelle Patton ~ "for Bruce, on this December 7 steals the show" 2012

Regina Pinto ~ ‘A’ signage: sound & animation of eight B.A. photos

Rob’s Amazing Poem Generator ~ “Definition”  

Rob’s Amazing Poem Generator ~ “Jeopardy”  

Melissa Ragona ~ "Essay 34" (aka Blossom Remix) — sampling from B.A.'s Strike Me Lightning & other sources

Tom Raworth ~ "Graphic Homage to Bruce Andrews" 2012    

Jerry Rothenberg ~ “Language”: poem for C.B. & B.A.  

Dirk Rowntree ~ photo of B.A., RailroadMan  

Andy Sterling ~ "SI FOG" & "The Valley Rose

Edwin Torres ~ "Proto Messianic Wonton"

Unknown ~ “Datamosh” 

Chris Vaisvil ~ music & techniques, setting of “jjj” from Moebius  



Poetry:  Booklist / Bibliography

Readings on PennSound, Dec. 2011 to Nov. 1977

Books of Poetry on Eclipse

Poetry & Essays on EPC Author Page

Poetry and Essays on Ubu



           Political Science   



"Empire," Intro to POLI SCI 

POLI SCI: The Political Science Writing



Bill O’Reilly vs. B.A., ‘Outrage of the Week’ — 2006 video 

Transcript of O'Reilly vs. B.A.

"Writing-in-the-Dark": 2009 video of presentation on O'Reilly & transcript  






2011 ~ “L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E”: forthcoming in The Little Magazine in America    

2010 ~ “Reader Repo,” Talk from Rethinking Poetics Conference, pp 94-97  

           Talk PDF

2010 ~  Q & A, after U.C. Berkeley Reading, at 1 hr. 16’

2008 ~  “Meaning, Method, Motive: Empire & so-called Language Writing

            Talk in Convolutions  

2009 ~  “Reading Lines Linear How to Mean” in A Broken Thing: Poets on the Line     

2007 ~  “Body & Language,” Talk at 50’ to 1:08  

2007 ~  “Hearing Ends in Darkness” (essay as liner notes for Jarrod Fowler's 2008 album, "'Percussion' as Percussion")   

2004 ~  “Constructivism Mystery” in Vertov from Z to A, ed. Ahwesh & Sanborn  

2004 ~  “What’s the Word” for Zukofsky Conference   

2003 ~  “Reading Notes”   

2003 ~  “Electronic Poetics”   

2003 ~  “Lost and Found,” on Gottlieb, with subdivisions    

2002 ~  “We Go Tilt-a-World,” Chain #9: Dialogue,  collaboration with Alani Apio    

2001 ~  “Brechtian V-Effect Updated: Implications for Poetic Praxis”    

1984 ~  "Rewriting Society: Poetics, the Self, Ideology" — Talk & Discussion 


     Notes & Blurbs 


2010 ~  “Reading Radicalism: a conversation across disciplines,” Andrews's panel description, Rethinking Poetics Conference            

2010 ~  ‘Sounding & Unsounding Text,” proposal for Diapason installation    

2006 ~  “Poetry & Danger,” notes for Perdu/Amsterdam presentation    

2003 ~  “Gottlieb's Lost and Found”: shortened note     

2001 ~  “Recent Reading” in Fence     

2001 ~  “Ultras,” review of Fitterman, ed., Object 9: Inventory  

1977 ~  “Intro to D.C. Feature” in Roof     

2010 ~  note for Deborah Meadows, Saccade  

2009 ~  “Collobert Orbital” 

2005 ~  note for Paolo Javier O book   [PDF]

1999 ~  note for P. Inman’s at.least 

2002 ~  note for Mac Wellman  

2001 ~  note for Judith Goldman, Vocoder  

2001 ~  “We’re,” note for Miles Champion     

2001 ~  “Rob Fitterman,” Poet’s Sampler, Boston Review  


             Readings & Performance


2012 ~  reading Jackson Mac Low's Forties #154, at 90th B-day Reading; text here

2011 ~  Veer Books ‘Derelictions of Duty’ launch/reading at NYU 

2011 ~  Reading from The Answerizer, VLAK launch

2010 ~  Vlak reading, from Where Was I Been Coming From @ St. Marks Poetry Project  

2010 ~  KDVS (U.C. Davis) radio show, Brian Ang’s Andrews Feature

 2010 ~ Reading at U.C. Berkeley, Holloway Series  

2010 ~  Reading from “Where Was I Been Coming From”: home recording for Dennis  

2009 ~  Reading at Virna Teixeira’s Simpoesia, Säo Paulo, Brazil  

2008 ~  Reading excerpt, National Poetry Foundation Conference, Poetry of the 1970s; photo with Jayne Cortez  

1985 ~  Kootenay School of Writing (Vancouver) Conference reading        

2012 ~  Reading/Performance with Donald Miller, guitar, New Orleans  

2011 ~  Reading/Performance with Sally Silvers for Jerome Rothenberg 80th,  at 5’ to 10’  

2011 ~  Sally Silvers & Dancers at P.S. 122, performance excerpt (B.A.’s text, Carolyn Lord edit, & B.A. with placard); SS/BB photo 

2011 ~  Brandon Downing video, Neo-Benshi performance, St. Marks Poetry Project  

2010 ~  B.A. & S.S., “Love Song 3" from Love Songs —  Movement Instructions  

2009 ~  Reading/Performance with Sally Silvers, Vision Festival, NYC  

2009 ~  Improvisation with Marcio-Andre, in Rio, Brazil 

2009 ~  “Sip Girl,” Part 1, ‘neo-benshi’ performance with Brandon Downing video  

2009 ~  “Sip Girl,” Part 2, ‘neo-benshi’ performance with Brandon Downing video  

2009 ~  “Gossip Bruce,” Part 1, ‘neo-benshi’ performance with Brandon Downing video  

2009 ~  “Gossip Bruce,” Part 2, ‘neo-benshi’ performance with Brandon Downing video  

2005 ~  DIAPASON installation: 'Spaced Out' & 'Unentitled' & "Prehab" & music line-ups

1977-2011 ~ Readings as ringtones or Mp3 downloads  




2012 ~  Dennis Buscher-Ulbrich, "The Contextualizing Capacity of the Writing itself"      [in Jacket2, 2012 with pix]

2012 ~ Laura Hinton Interview with B.A. and Sally Silvers, "When Bruce Met Sally," Part 2 & 1 & pix 

2012 ~  Scott Thurston, "An Interview with Sally Silvers & Bruce Andrews" (Part One)

2010 ~  Erica Kaufman, “10 Questions for Bruce Andrews and Sally Silvers”  

2009 ~  Laura Erber, “Interview with B.A. & Sally Silvers” in Rio, Brazil   

2009 ~  Interviewing Bob Perelman, a conversation in NYC

2008 ~  Reading & Radio Interview with Kareem Estefan in NYC 

2008 ~  Reading & Radio interview with Tom Orange in Nashville  

2005 ~  Samuel Vriezen for PERDU, Amsterdam interview with BA & Sally Silvers  

2004 ~  John Wrighton, Interview   


              Poetry & Performance Texts


2010 ~  “Where Was I Been Coming From,” pp. 272-291, Vlak  

2009 ~  “Four 19th-Century Poems”: Reconfiguring Romanticism, Rothenberg blog  

2008 ~   from Impatient, #11.4b, in Boog City Reader 2: An Anthology of New York City Poetry, p. 4  

2008 ~  “Dang Me” #1 & 2, Green Integer Review 

2008 ~  “Dang Me” #3, 4, 5 

2004 ~   from Cone Melt, “Three Poems” 

 2002 ~ “Pink Hints” 

 2001 ~  LIP SERVICE (Coach House Press: Toronto)  

2001 ~  “With Strings,” Gertrude Stein excerpting   

2000 ~  “49 Waltzes for the 5 Boroughs,” for & from John Cage  

1990s ~  ‘S’ from “Definition” 

1990s ~  “Blueier Blue” #1- 9 

1987 ~   FACTURA (Xexoxial Editions) 

2012 ~  “Rock ‘n’ Rule,”  text for duet with Sally Silvers, Joyland Poetry, ed., Nathan Austin  

2008 ~  “Monkeytown”: performance text, edited live   

2002 ~  Strike Me Lightning, text for Sally Silvers's choreography concert (on Cyborgs & Nuns [e.g. Sor Juana]), 2002 — in Jacket 22, 2003

2001 ~  “Dizzyistics #1": BARKING performance text in Pompom, 1st issue, pp. 44-45  [PDF]

1990s ~  MISTAKEN IDENTITY, from performance with Vernon Reid, edited live (Faux Press)  

1990s ~  from MISTAKEN IDENTITY, #1 & 4 

1980s ~  “Ball + Problem + Tactic + Clock” (movement score), J. Zorn premiere, Score#9  


               Translations, Collaborations, Visuals


Dennis Büscher-Ulbrich ~ German translations for randrummer #4, 2011 & essay

Martin Richet ~  French translation, Sonnets (Memento Mori).doc    

Rita Dahl ~  Finnish translations on ‘Arjentola. State of everyday life’  

Craig Dworkin ~  palavras conjuntas: Spanish translation of B.A. & John Bennett, Joint Words  

Kevin Clark Power ~  Spanish translation., “Poesía como explicación, como praxis”   

Dirk Rowntree ~  five sections of Prehab, text-graphic collaboration:  "Escape" & "Random" &   "Colloquial" & "Handy" & "Girlfriend"  

Dirk Rowntree ~  designs for  B.A. books:  Swoon Noir front & back; Aerial #9 front &  back;    You Can't Have Everything... front & back; Dennis's photo of Dirk and Bruce, 'the 48ers'

Michael Schumacher ~  computer generated version of Andrews text ‘Wii” — (collaboration /     installation)    

Michael Schumacher & B.A. ~  sound installation excerpt from “Unentitled”: B.A. vocals —     mimicking M.S. catalog of sounds; two excerpts of poetry processed in Engine 27 residency — bea.009mod & bea.008bad.acid.jumble 

Henry Hills & B. A., “by Henry & Bruce”: film collaboration; photo of 'the brothers'

B.A. ~ "Henry Hills  =  Bruce Andrews" (two scenarios for HH's H movie, 2012); source = B.A.'s "Alphabet" (I Tunes playlist, 2012)

Nisi Jacobs & B.A. ~  "3D Cubes," Video for 2008 Monkeytown performance/installation, source: B.A. photos  

Kay Rosen & B.A. ~ Visuals toward a collaboration (preliminary):

"I guess I was black" + "memory divisive" + "cancelled" + "doublecross" + "prefix me"

+ "ouldn't"

BARKING (Silvers/Andrews Performance project) ~  “Dizzyistics”:  notes for group performance, 2001      

Maggie O’Sullivan & Bruce Andrews ~ EXCLA, collaborative text, 1993  


I A Communist”: 2011 photo     






Poet, essayist, and theorist, Charles Bernstein is a formative member and leading practitioner of Language writing. Between 1978-1981, with Bruce Andrews, he published L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E magazine, which became a forum for writing that blurred the boundary between poetry and critical writing about poetry. Bernstein has published dozens of books, including poetry and essay collections, translations, and libretti. His poetry has been widely anthologized and translated, and it has appeared in over 500 magazines and periodicals.
 From 1990 to 2003, he was David Gray Professor of Poetry and Letters at the State University of New York at Buffalo and Director of the Poetics Program, which he co-founded with Robert Creeley. He is co-founder and co-editor of Penn Sound, an extensive archive of recorded poetry.
Bernstein is currently Donald T. Regan Professor of English and Comparative Literature at the University Pennsylvania. In 2006, he was elected a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts & Sciences.


Michael Golston is Associate Professor of English and Comparative Literature at Columbia University. He specializes in 20th-century poetry and poetics and modern cultural history. He is especially interested in avant-garde and experimental writing, and has published articles and reviews in American Literary HistoryPaideumaTextual Practice, and Modernism/Modernity. He also has essays in two collections: American Modernism Across the Arts and New Definitions of Lyric: Theory, Technology, and Culture. His first book, Rhythm and Race in Modernist Poetry and Science (Columbia University Press), won the Louis Martz Prize for 2007. He is currently working on a book about allegory, surrealism, and postmodern poetic form.

Laura Hinton is the author of The Perverse Gaze of Sympathy: Sadomasochistic Sentiments from Clarissa to Rescue 911 (SUNY Press), as well as a poetry book, Sisyphus My Love (To Record a Dream in a Bathtub) (BlazeVox). She is also the co-editor (with Cynthia Hogue) of We Who Love to Be Astonished: Experimental Women’s Writing and Performance Poetics (University of Alabama Press). Her critical essays, poet interviews, reviews as well as poetry have appeared in Contemporary Literature, Feminist Studies, Postmodern Culture, Textual PracticeWomen’s StudiesJacketThe Journal of the Academy of American Poets, How2, and others. She is Professor of English at the City College of New York.


Peter Nicholls is Professor of English at New York University. He has published widely on twentieth-century writing, with recent works including Modernisms: A Literary Guide (2nd ed. 2008) and George Oppen and the Fate of Modernism (2009). He is especially interested in connections between American and European poetry, and in the political and economic dimensions of literary texts. His many books also include Ezra Pound: Politics, Economics and Writing, the co-edited volumes Ruskin and Modernism (2001), Europa! Europa? The Avant-Garde, Modernism and the Fate of the Continent (2009) and On Bathos: Literature, Art, Music (2010), as well as many articles and essays on literature and theory. He co-edited with Laura Marcus The Cambridge History of Twentieth-Century English Literature and is currently U.S. editor of the journal Textual Practice.


Poet, critic, and translator Bob Perelman is the author of more than a dozen poetry collections, including a.k.a. (1979), Ten to One: Selected Poems (1999), and IFLIFE (2006). He collaborated with his wife, the painter Francie Shaw, on Playing Bodies (2004). Perelman has also published the critical studies The Trouble with Genius: Reading Pound, Joyce, Stein, and Zukofsky (1994) and The Marginalization of Poetry (1996). His translations appear in The Selected Poems of Tomaz Salamun (1988) and Modern Archaist: Selected Poems of Osip Mandelstam (2008). Perelman edited two anthologies of speeches by poets: Talks (Hills 6/7) (1980) and Writing/Talks (1985). His own work has been featured in numerous anthologies, including Postmodern American Poetry: A Norton Anthology (1994), Onward: Contemporary Poetry and Poetics (1996), and several editions of Best American Poetry. Perelman teaches at the University of Pennsylvania.


Paul Stephens earned a PhD in English from Columbia University and currently teaches at Bard College. He has essays in numerous periodicals and edited collections, including Don’t Ever Get Famous: New York Writers After the New York School (edited by Daniel Kane (U of Illinois P), FulcrumSocial Text, Rethinking Marxism, Open Letter, and Postmodern Culture. He has also presented collaborative writing and photomontage with Robert Weston at the Guggenheim Museum. For the 2009-2010 academic year, he was selected for a junior faculty fellowship in poetics at Emory University. He is currently completing two book manuscripts: The Rhetoric of Literary Experiment and Minima Temporalia: Reflections from Diminishing Time.