Strong writing is key

Connor Mannion, Alumnus: Former Digital Producer for NBC Olympics


Describe your career path. What choices did you make? How did you use your time in college to help you along in your career path?

I interned at a law firm, and interned at Fox and NBC News while at Fordham. After leaving, I applied to every job that matched my skill set, not just positions I was personally interested.


What advice do you have for English majors or English graduate students as they prepare for for careers? How can they stand out in a competitive job market?

Strong writing is key, and many employers are starting to realize that a something like a business degree or a stereotypical more 'employable' degree doesn't necessarily teach how to write well. However, students should be comfortable with a lot more than academic writing, so they should be writing personal and informal essays, news articles and op-eds, and even fiction and short stories. All of it hones a valuable skill.