Employers in every field agree that skills in critical analysis, writing, and speaking are the most important factors in whom they hire. In many cases, these abilities are more important than job-specific knowledge or technological skills, which can be learned on the job. For that reason, every English class boosts your career, because you'll develop analytic and communication skills in each and every English class you take.

But Fordham's English department, unlike most, also offers two courses that will give you a leg up if you're considering a career in publishing or in literary arts management: 

  • Literary Arts Management (offered each semester at Rose Hill): The aim of this class is to give students cutting-edge hands-on instruction in the following areas of literary arts management: program execution, communications, development, event production, editing, research, and design. Students will volunteer for Kundiman, one of the nation's preeminent literary arts organizations. The vision is to offer students tangible skills by giving them an opportunity to work for a high profile literary organization that provides 20–30 readings and workshop events annually, a landmark retreat for writers, a book prize, and literary social justice projects. Since 2004, Kundiman fellows have published 70 books and 53 chapbooks

  • Publishing: Theory & Practice (offered once a year at Lincoln Center): Hear from editors at Harper Collins, Bantam Dell, Library Journal and more about how they got their jobs β€”and listen to young writers tell you how they broke into print. Weekly visitors include editors, agents, authors & cover artists. Investigate the wide world of publishing: literature, genre fiction, magazine and blog writing, including ongoing discussion of the practical issues of getting published and getting a job in the industry.

We also encourage you to consider the courses below as ways of supplementing your English major:


  • Journalism Courses

    • JOUR 1701 - Introduction to Multimedia Journalism with Lab

    • JOUR 2787 - Fashion Journalism

    • JOUR 3723 - Interviews and Profiles

    • JOUR 3727 - Writing for Magazines

  • Film and Television Courses

    • FITV 2511 - Screenwriting I

    • FITV 3511 - Screenwriting II

  • Digital Technologies & Emerging Media Courses

    • DTEM 2421 - Digital Design for New Media

    • DTEM 2421 - Digital Video Production I

    • DTEM 2471 - Writing for Online Media

    • DTEM 3476 - Social Media