Requirements for Creative Writing Faculty


  • As we continue to build community with Creative Writing students and faculty at Fordham, all creative writing classes attend two literary events. Please incorporate these into your syllabi. In this way, students will know to plan in advance to attend these events. (Credit for attendance these events is usually figured into a student's participation grade for the class.)

  • Attendance at Faculty Meetings (1 - 2/per semester)

  • Please fill out the Faculty Contact Form.

  • All new Creative Writing faculty members are observed 1- 2 times.

  • There is important correspondence (regarding grading, school closings, etc.) that comes from the Deans to your Fordham email address. It is important for you to either check your Fordham email regularly (every couple of days) or have your Fordham email forwarded to your personal email address.


Course Structure

 All Creative Writing courses must include the following:  (These elements should be integrated into your course design and clearly noted on your syllabus.) 

  • At least 10 - 15 written pages turned in for instructor evaluation

  • At least 1 text (outside reading of some kind)

  • A grading rubric


Submitting Grades

Semester final grades are due within three (3) calendar days of the final examination date in the fall semester and within two (2) calendar days of the final examination in the spring semester. It is critically important that this deadline be observed in the spring semester to enable the clearance of seniors for graduation. Even one or two late ungraded classes can be extremely disruptive to the colleges and to many students. In the extraordinary event that this is impossible, the instructor must notify both the Office of Academic Records and the dean’s office. For more on grading policies, click here.

  • Login to

  • Click on the "Faculty" tab

  • Scroll down to the "Faculty Grade Assignment" section. You may need to click on "More" to see multiple classes.

  • Click on the green triangle next to the class you would like to submit grades for

  • Enter your grades, last date of attendance, and "37.5" for attendance hours

  • Click on the "Submit" button

  • Once your grades are successfully submitted, you will see that the green triangle next to the class has been replaced with a blue checkmark


Student Behavior Concerns

Because we teach creative writing, we often get to know our students' inner lives in a way other faculty may not and they may give voice to that stress.  In fact, sometimes, what our students tell us through their creative work can be troubling, and we have no way of knowing whether the student is simply exercising his or her imagination, or whether it is an expression of emotional distress, be it mild or serious. Many of us have had this experience.

Under such conditions, especially if the work contains violent imagery or a character who is threatening harm to self or others, we can’t ethically treat this as business as usual.  Under such conditions, you should ask the student to see you after class.  At that time, tell the student you would like to meet with him or her privately.  When you do meet with the student, explain that in reading the student’s work you wondered if the student was feeling troubled about something. You can, and should, say, "I'm wondering if you think you're in any danger of either hurting yourself or hurting others."  See what the student says.  If you’re reassured by what the student says, that might be that.  If the student feels s/he is at risk of harming him- or herself or others, you should immediately walk the student over to the counseling center.  If the student acknowledges being troubled in a way that you feel warrants interventiongently tell the student that you are not a clinician, but out of your concern for the student you'd like to help the student get the help that seems warranted. 

If the student acknowledges being troubled, please refer to these Faculty Guides for information on counseling and how to handle particular situations.  

Counseling Center Information

Rose Hill Campus
441 East Fordham Road
O’Hare Hall Basement
Bronx, NY 10458
Phone: 718-817-3725
Fax: 718-817-3735

Lincoln Center Campus
155 West 60th Street
McMahon Hall Room 211
New York, NY 10023
Phone: 212-636-6225
Fax: 212-636-6232

Information on how to contact Class Deans can be found here:




    • Creative Writing faculty members are given access to the Fordham Creative Writing Google Group: Important Creative Writing faculty information is delivered via this listserv. You may also use this listserv to share best teaching practices, opportunities for students, etc. with your colleagues. To minimize spam, you will be automatically be given access to the listserve during an academic year when you are teaching and removed when you are not teaching.

Course Load

  • Adjunct faculty teach a maximum of one creative writing course per semester.

  • Writers in Residence teach two courses a semester and may direct up a maximum of six theses or capstone projects in an academic year.

  • Course Tutorials and Undergraduate Honors Theses: Only full-time and Writer in Residence faculty may direct these.

  • Masters Degree Capstone Projects: Only full-time and Writer in Residence faculty may direct these.