Sign up for the Future: Digital Creative Writing

There are a few spaces available in Fordham's two digital creative writing classes to be held at Lincoln Center in Fall 2014. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has predicted that job openings will increase steadily for writers and editors with supplemental experience in new media and in related fields including graphic design, web design, and multimedia.  Invest in your creative future and sign up for these classes.


Digital Workshop & Tools for Creative Writers
ENGL 3017, Section 7
Tuesdays/Fridays, 11:30 - 12:45
This course will focus on hypertext and interactive fiction.  Digital text allows writers to create works that interact with the reader—and with other texts—in unique ways. This course introduces several related techniques for creating interactive and networked texts. Students will create web pages with HTML and CSS, write interactive hypertext stories with Twine, and use Inform 7 to create classic parser-based interactive fiction. Along the way, students will encounter, critique and discuss well-known works in the genre. No previous programming experience is required.

Storytelling Across Media
ENGL 3017, Section 2
Tuesdays/Fridays, 1:00 - 2:15
This course will focus on the history and practice of procedural poetry: poems made by rules, constraints, appropriation and chance. In particular, the course focuses on teaching students how to use the Python programming language to create computer programs that produce poetry. Programming tutorials will be interspersed with readings from well-known practitioners in the field, focusing on technique, historical context and theory. No previous programming experience is required.

Allison Parrish is an artist and has been a software architect at Socialbomb. She has ten years of professional programming experience and has taught in the acclaimed graduate Interactive Telecommunications Program at New York University.