Current Graduate Student

Frequently Asked Questions

My student loans have come up for repayment, but I am still in graduate school. What do I do?

To be certified as part-time or full-time--and thereby defer their student loan repayments--students must be registered for their program's half-time or full-time courseload each semester. Students taking less than the full-time or half-time courseload for their program must complete the matriculated student status certification form. For more information, please see the GSAS Policies and Procedures handbook, Section 5.2.

I took a course in the History Department but it's not showing up on my DegreeWorks. What do I do?

To receive credit towards the English degree for a course that is not cross-listed with English, students must submit a departmental waiver form.

I have heard about area reading groups; how do I join one?

The area reading groups are posted on the bulletin board. If you are a new student, please complete an orientation form that will tell us what group you would like to enroll in. If you would like to change the group(s) in which you are enrolled, please email the graduate administrator for enrollment in your choice of groups. We encourage all students to get involved and be a representative for one of the area reading groups during the course of their studies. Reading groups are re-organized at the beginning of each academic year and usually begin activities towards the end of September.

I'm not taking any course work this semester but I will be using University resources. Do I need to register?

Yes; students in GSAS need to maintain continuous enrollment when they will be using University resources. A pre-Comps student in this situation would register for Comp Prep, and a post-Comps student for Dissertation Stage Proposal. 

I am an M.A. student finishing my coursework in the Fall semester, and I plan to graduate then. What steps do I need to take?

M. A. students must first check their DegreeWorks records to ensure all requirements for graduation will be met by their prospective graduation date. Then they must apply to graduate through the my.Fordham portal. Students will enter the portal, and under My Information, click Banner Self-Service, then Student, then Student Records, and select a term.

Can a course I took during my master's studies at another university be applied toward an area requirement at Fordham?

For approval to apply previous coursework at another institution toward an area requirement at Fordham, students must complete the departmental waiver form and submit it with required materials to the Graduate Administrator. Once the Director of Graduate Studies has approved the waiver, the change will be reflected in DegreeWorks.

I already speak fluent French. Do I still need to complete a course or an exam for the Ph.D.?

Students who believe themselves to be competent in one of the accepted languages may take Fordham's competency exam to fulfill their language requirement. (A grade of B or higher on the exam is required.) Otherwise, students should enroll in one of Fordham's zero-credit language courses to fulfill the language requirement. Grades for language exams and zero-credit language courses are not calculated as part of a student's GPA, and a failure to pass the language exam is not recorded on a student's transcript.

I am getting married and wish to change my name with the university. How do I do this?

To notify the university of any change of name or address, students update their personal information via the my.Fordham portal. In addition, students receiving a stipend must submit a Personal Data Change form to Human Resources.

How do I request a copy of my transcript?

Contact Enrollment Services for more information at 718-817-3000.