12 Classes Present at December Reading


Twelve undergraduate creative writing classes presented outstanding new work to a packed audience of over 100 at a reading at Lincoln Center on December 3rd.  Pieces ranged in topic from a "Cheese Noir" humor piece to poetry translations from Tagalog and Spanish into English.

Representing the Writing Autobiography class, here's an excerpt of a piece by Eddy Andrade

...There I was chopping wood as the blistering below zero degree Canadian winds penetrated the thickness of my goose down feather jacket. With every swing, the axfelt like an extension of my own hands,as words full of anger, guilt, and regret left my mouth. I had gone from graduating high school and going to a good college, even though the odds were stacked up against me, to chopping wood at a damn Indian reservation, all because I was being chased by the law. I couldn’t help comparing the dualism of my life to the firewood I was splitting; both pieces are destined to be reunited in a pile of ash only after they have been consumed by fire.

To access the whole piece, click here.