Anne Fernald Edits Journal on Modernism and Feminism

Fordham English faculty member Anne Fernald has just edited a special issue of the prominent journal Modern Fiction Studies titled “Women’s Fiction, New Modernist Studies, and Feminism.” In addition to Professor Fernald’s substantial introduction, the issue includes articles on Persephone Books, Olive Moore, Zeenuth Futehally, Dorothy Arzner, Jean Rhys, Margharnita Laski, Muriel Rukeyser, and Margaret Sanger.

To quote Professor Fernald’s introduction, “This issue presents compelling new work on women writers from the first half of the twentieth century, but its purpose goes beyond that. It demonstrates the theoretical energy, historical importance, and intellectual weight of current feminist work on women writers In doing so, it makes the case that no new work on modernism should go forward without serious engagement with women and feminist theory. To understand the uneven, surprising, and profound impact of modernity, we must remember, despite our theoretical, practical, and somatic sophistication, that gender played and continues to play an enormous role in defining social roles and economic opportunities."

Congratulations to Professor Fernald for this major contribution to literary studies, feminism, and the study of modernism and modernity!