Fordham English Majors Present at Moravian College Conference

On December 6, 2014, six Fordham University undergraduates expertly presented their research papers at a national conference; for most of them, this was a new experience.  The Moravian College Ninth Undergraduate Conference in Medieval and Early Modern Studies, in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, hosted the full-day meeting, accommodating nearly 100 student presenters.  Fordham English majors, including Alana Hughes (’15) and Tyler Stacey (’15), have presented at the event in the past, but this year’s showing included a record number of English majors.  Five of the six Fordham students presented work they had developed during the fall semester in Dr. Suzanne Yeager’s undergraduate Chaucer course.  Please join us in congratulating Abigail Kayser, a double major in French Language and Literature and Medieval Studies, for her paper “Conquest, Subjugation, and Resistant Women: Hippolyta and Emily in the Teseida and The Knight's Tale";  MaryGrace Menner, English major, for “Themes of Excess in Chaucer’s Knight's Tale"; Elena Meuse, English major, “‘Daddy Issues’: The Electra Complex and the Wife of Bath”; Nikolas Oktaba, Classics major, for “Seduction: Learned, Practiced, Effortless Intellect”; Katharine Sommers, English major, for “Chaucer’s Hippolyta: The Secret Queen”; and Henry Wykowski , an English major visiting Fordham from the University of Virginia, for his “Chaucer’s Knight's Tale: Chaos in Excess.”  Well done, students!