Hoffman Profiled in Fordham News

Fordham English Professor Anne Golomb Hoffman, who will be delivering the English Department's 2015 Inaugural Lecture (see related post in English Connect) was profiled in Fordham News this week.  The story, titled "Other Passions: Professor Fuses Literature, Psychoanalysis, and Art," highlights the way Hoffman has been increasingly linking her literary scholarship, her artistic practice, and her engagement with psychoanalytic theory (she chairs the Richardson Research Seminar in the History of Psychiatry at the DeWitt Wallace Institute for the History of Psychiatry at Weill Cornell Medical College). 


So, check out the article. It will give you all the more reason to come to the 2015 Inaugural Lecture on Wednesday, September 30 at 4pm in the O'Hare Room on the 4th Floor of Walsh Family Library, where Hoffman will present a talk titled "Words and Pictures, Bodies and Books."