Course Offering: Literary Arts Management

For students looking to enter the much sought-after field of New York City literary arts management, experience is essential to landing a job after graduation. Yet gaining enough experience to even qualify for an internship seems like a conundrum to many undergrads. Fordham's course on Literary Arts Management, offered in the Fall of 2016, will give students the tangible skills necessary to stand out in an ultra-competitive pool of applicants. 

Through volunteer work for Kundiman — one of the nation's preeminent literary arts organizations, students will receive hands-on instruction in the following areas of literary arts management: program execution, communications, development, event production, editing, research, and design. Kundiman provides 20–30 readings and workshop events annually, a landmark retreat for writers, a book prize, and literary social justice projects,

To apply for this course offering, submit an application by April 8th. Notification of application status will be given within one to two days of application. Space is limited in this course. Students may take the course as a 4-credit or non-credit course.