EP 12.0 is Now Available Online and in Print

This year’s issue of EP collects eleven exemplary essays written by Fordham Lincoln Center students in sections of Composition and Rhetoric I, II, or Texts and Contexts. Congratulations are also due to the wonderful professors and instructors— Olivia Badoi, Julia Barclay-Morton, Jessica Denzer, Linda Goldberg, Laura Greeney, and Christy Pottroff—who taught the courses from which this great work emerged.

EP 12.0 marks the first year that the journal will be distributed in print and via a dedicated website (https://eloquentiaperfecta.org), enabling an even greater number of readers to enjoy this exceptional collection of essays. In addition to bringing EP into the digital age, the editors instituted an even more rigorous blind peer review. Modeled upon the process used at Rhētorikós (EP's counterpart at Rose Hill) EP 12.0 relied upon two reading periods to winnow a large and impressive batch of essays. With an acceptance rate of about 30 percent, EP 12.0 contains some of the finest of first-year writing at Fordham’s Lincoln Center campus.

The co-editors, Will Fenton and Matt Lillo, join Professor Anne Fernald in hoping you will enjoy this issue and use it in your classes. EP 12.0 is available in print today (Tuesday, September 6) in Lowenstein 924. Alternatively, readers may access all essays, as well as those from EP 10.0 and EP 11.0, online.

Thank you for reading this issue and nominating your students’ writing for the next! And a special thanks to the EP peer review board: Rebecca Aberle, Robert Byers, Linda David, Joseph Gruber, Nicole Kagan, Melissa Likiardopoulos, Sarah O’Brien, Danielle Sottosanti, Kevin Stevens, Ian Sullivan, and Amina Tajbhai.