Check Out the New Fordham English Video!

Video screen shot.png

We've got a new video on our department home page! it features eight recent graduates from Fordham's English major, all talking about how their studies have helped them in their careers.

Featured students include:

  • Jacqueline Battaglia, Advertising Account Executive
  • Kathrene Faith Binag, Editorial Assistant
  • Liz Bowen, Poet and PhD student
  • Catherine Davis, Marketing Editor
  • Lauren Duca, Journalist and Editor
  • Lois Durant, Manager, Professional Development and Retention
  • Kamrun Nesa, Publicity Assistant
  • Thomas Snyder, English Teacher

Check it out!

Many thanks to Professor Vlasta Vranjes for the work did with Fordham's Development office to put together this video, and to the rest of the department's Undergraduate Program Committee for prompting its creation.