Creative Writing Hosts Bedtime Stories Reading

Last week, the Creative Writing Program hosted its spring semester prose event featuring readings from Eduardo Galeano's The Book of Embraces and a cappella songs by the Fordham Hot Notes. Though prose readings are a staple of the Creative Writing Program's annual events, this one's immersive experience was unique.

The event allowed the audience to experience an embodied way of accessing a literary text. Students were invited to lay on the floor and and close their eyes as they listened to stories from The Book of Embraces. The lights were dimmed and the room was lit only by the dozens of LED tea light candles scattered throughout the floor. Actress and playwright Stacey Robinson's animated reading style brought life to the readings which ranged in focus from South American military dictatorships and the functions of the artist and the reader. Fordham's own jazz a cappella group the Hot Notes performed two lullabies to guide students in and out of a tranquil headspace.

After the reading, students were invited to lay still and silently meditate for several minutes. Students enjoyed milk and cookies, received complimentary broadsides of Galeano's "The World," and shared their thoughts on the reading.