CURA Magazine: Issue No. 18


CURA: A Literary Magazine of Art and Action is thrilled to announce that Issue No. 18, "History of Now" is now live. Dedicated to the question What is the Story You Most Want to Tell?, this issue sought to give exposure to as many voices as possible and to show that there is no one voice, no one story that is more important than another. The issue features the responses of 109 different people. The responses are completely unedited— and in some cases, untranslated— to maintain the integrity and authenticity of these stories. Titles were pulled from submissions by the editors for untitled stories.

Within our current political context, it is even more pivotal to seek out unheard voices. There is so much to be learned from the everyday minutiae of someone's life, from their experiences, from the stories they choose to tell. The bombast of each news day is overwhelming; it makes it easy to forget the strength we hold.