Find Your Ethical Voice with Fordham's Thought-Action Circle

This Monday, February 26th, the Creative Writing Program will be commencing its first student-involved Thought-Action Circle from 6:00-7:30PM in the South Lounge at Lincoln Center Campus. This model, initially conceived as a gathering of faculty combining reflection, research and action with the intention of effecting ethical change in the world, is now open to students. 


Monday's meeting will act as a pilot for a six-week-cycle in which participants will dedicate themselves to reflecting constructively upon a challenging question generated by the group. The Thought-Action Circle will turn challenges into questions, questions into thought, and thought into action. The Creative Writing Department hopes to enact an ongoing practice of finding one’s ethical voice in order to inspire responsible inquiry, research and action. 

The Thought-Action Circle is a method of honest, collective, open-ended inquiry and practice. Have questions about the Thought-Action Circle? Curious to learn more about this model of effective reflection? Have your questions answered at the kick-off meeting this Monday, February 26th in the South Lounge.