English Faculty Receive Fellowships

Congratulations to English Department faculty members who have been awarded Fordham Faculty Fellowships! Their research projects consider a diverse range of issues and topics including representations of marriage law and national identity in nineteenth-century British novels, the evolution of consciousness during the long eighteenth century, expressions of rural backwardness and inferiority in American literature, women and multilingualism in medieval literature, and David Bowie's Diamond Dogs. Here's a full list of recipients and project titles:

  • Frank Boyle, "Opening Heads in Early-Modern and 18th-Century Literature and Science."
  • Mark Caldwell, "Dry Exchange: The Tudor Economic Crisis in Literature and Culture."
  • Martin Chase, "Siðbót: A Late Medieval Icelandic Poem on the Story of Susanna and the Elders."
  • Daniel Contreras, "The Art of Exploitation: Race, Ethics, and Aesthetics in American Culture."
  • Mary Erler, "The Vaux Passional: Reading and Service at the Court of Henry VII."
  • Maria Farland, "Degraded Heartland: Antipastoral, Agricultural, & Rural Declensionism in U.S. Literature."
  • Glenn Hendler, "David Bowie's Diamond Dogs"
  • James Kim: "Furiouser and Furiouser: Achilles Meets the Angry Little Asian Girl."
  • Vlasta Vranjes, "English Vows: Marriage Law and National Identity in the Nineteenth-Century Novel."
  • Jocelyn Wogan-Browne; "Women, Multilingualism and Literate Culture in Late Medieval England."