English Major Fulfills Her Dream

 A year ago, Cat Reynolds had a dream that she worked at Sesame Street, and recently she went in pursuit of that dream. A senior, majoring in English with a Creative Writing Concentration, Cat felt she was well-suited for the Sesame Street internship because she had a background in education (as a camp counselor for gifted children), in entertainment (producing her own CD in high school), and publishing (thanks to an internship at a literary agency). 

During her interview in late August, Cat told them about her dream. “They said, ‘That’s crazy!’ And then they hired me!”

This fall, Cat will work in the company’s Products and Publishing Department developing material for books, ebooks, apps, and social media. The internship is two full days a week, and the pay is better than New York’s $13 minimum wage. 

How was the first day? Cat Reynolds laughs. “I worked on an app for potty training.”