Mullarkey-Reid Website Goes Live

The 2017 Mullarkey-Reid Departmental Forum on 'Linguistic Diversity in English' aroused much interest and included informative presentations concerning questions of what English teachers need to know about the following:

  • English and their students' multilingualisms

  • The sometimes very high stakes involved in linguistic difference

  • Linguistic justice

  • The relations and status of English and Hispanic

  • What classroom strategies we should have for language issues 

The presenters have contributed their papers to a new website in order to make a more permanent resource for the Department. The website is complementary to the  Reid teaching sites maintained by Sarah Gambito, who led the excellent collective discussion of the 2017 Reid book, Rigoberto Gonzalez's Autobiography of My Hungers (Wisconsin University Press, 2013), in the second session of the forum (see under the Faculty tab on English Connect for the Teaching Reid Books site).

You can access the Forum website from the English Department's front page at  Mullarkey-Reid 

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