English Major Alums Give Back to Undergraduate Writers


Mere months after her graduation, English major Ruby Buddemeyer FCLC’18, can afford her own apartment in Nolita, thanks to her job as a celebrity editor at Bustle.com. And Alanna Martine Kilkeary, FCLC’16, is now living on the Upper East, thanks to her job as a beauty writer and editor at PopSugar.com.

Both visited “Writing for Publication,” a new class taught by Professor Elizabeth Stone, to share their route from their English classes at Lincoln Center and involvement in campus publications to internships (Harper’s Bazaar for Alanna) and freelance writing (MarieClaire.com for Ruby) to full-time employment. 

“I didn’t know how to write a story at all,” says Alanna. “My adviser [Professor Mary Bly] told me to join The Observer, where I eventually became the Features editor.” 

Ruby began writing features at The Observer and then moved on to become editor in chief at Fordham’s Flash, finding mentors along the way, including Professor Bly, who told her to develop her own voice in her writing. 

Topics covered by the alums? The importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), informational coffees, and how to pass the “edit test” some publications give to potential employees. Oh, and the best way to get a foot in the door? Internships and networking, networking, networking.   

Call for Applications: The English Major with a Creative Writing Concentration

The Creative Writing Program at Fordham University is accepting applications for the English Major with a Creative Writing Concentration from October 1st - November 1st.

What it is:

Premised on the belief that the study of literature and the practice of writing are mutually reinforcing, the English Major with a Creative Writing Concentration emphasizes the inter-relations among creative writing, digital media, criticism, and scholarship.

How it works:

As a concentration with a dual focus on literature and creative work, fully integrated within the English department, this degree offering combines literature courses, small writing workshops, and practical industry training to prepare students for advanced study or careers in writing, media, and publishing. In addition, students benefit from the resources provided by New York City, a worldwide center for literary publishing.

Christina Elia, Published in The Tishman Review

Congratulations to Christina Elia on the publication of her autobiographical essay, “Avos” that appeared in The Tishman Review, April 2018. The essay appears on pages 86 to 90. 

Christina is a Fordham University student who is pursuing her BA in Art History and Communications. She writes about topics ranging from arts and culture to practical tips and how-to advice. She has also been published on sites such as Odessy.com and currently writes for Select Magazine


English Major Taylor Shaw Interviews Rigoberto González

English Major Taylor Shaw Interviews Rigoberto González

Fordham English major Taylor Shaw published an interview in the Fordham Ram with writer Rigoberto González, who last Monday read his work to a huge crowd at Pope Auditorium as this year's participant in the Reid Family Writers of Color Reading Series.

Finals Advice from Fordham English Graduate Students


Rachel Sternlicht

During finals my two pieces of advice are trying to allot time to get outside in the sun when it’s nice out, so I don’t feel like a cave bat the whole time. And second, surrounding myself with snacks.


Valerie Guempel

Don’t put things off till the last minute and make sure to get sleep and eat food. While it’s technically possible to pull all-nighters and exist only on caffeine and energy drinks for a day or two, it’s definitely not the best method of acing final’s week and can be absolute hell on your body.  


Stephen Fragano

My advice would be when time managing, allow even more time to do something than you think necessary. Often times, I find myself underestimating the time I need, and then being behind schedule stresses me out more. Overestimating segments of time is best, and lots of coffee!

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 1.51.15 PM.png

Dom Gentile

Don't forget to take breaks. I find I'm not as productive studying or writing for several hours straight. So I always try and have some music ready or a good T.V. show, just to step away from my work and clear my head.