Success Story: Sarah Brunstad (GSAS '13) Lands Marvel Comics job

Sarah Brunstad (GSAS, '13) landed a Marvel Comics job.  How did she do it?  Hear it in her own words.

I applied to Marvel Entertainment's internship program with little hope of getting a call back, much less ever working there full-time. I was fortunate enough to obtain a position in the Trades Dept, collecting comics reference and updating's databases. It would have been easy, at this point, to fulfill my basic requirements and leave at the end of my internship having enjoyed a three-month experience without gaining much real-life experience.

But I wanted more. After three months with Marvel, I knew I wanted to work for this company. So I asked my supervisor how I could advance further, and because of my work ethic and my willingness to ask questions, he recommended me to one of the main editorial offices. 

After my second internship with Marvel, I was convinced I was done. I lined up other internships and explored other possibilities. Then, two weeks later, I received an email from my old supervisor. He offered me an interview with the Trades Dept for a full-time, though temporary, position in digital comics work. It was because of my ability to make connections and establish my desire to stay in this industry that my supervisors retained their interest in me. The key to success in any industry, I think, is simply curiosity and desire. That's certainly what worked for me.