Alpha Chi Omicron

Sigma Tau Delta, the English Honor Society

Phillip Robbins is an  English major in his junior year at Fordham College at Rose Hill. From Tampa, Florida, he is now the founder and president of Alpha Chi Omicron, Fordham University’s chapter of the Sigma Tau Delta English Honor Society. Before transferring to Fordham, he attended the University of Tampa and joined their chapter of Sigma Tau Delta. Now, having become a Fordham Ram, he aims not only to establish a strong chapter at Fordham, but also to make Fordham’s chapter one of national prominence among the honor society.

by Phillip C. Robbins (FCRH 2018)

Having come to Fordham as a transfer student, I had to leave many of my clubs behind at University of Tampa. While Fordham offers similar clubs and organizations, one I had to part with was the honor society specifically for English majors, Sigma Tau Delta.

Longing for a deeper sense of academic community among my fellow English majors, I decided to take it upon myself to charter a chapter of the society at Fordham. Sigma Tau Delta brings more than just a connected space for students passionate about English. With its national prominence, history, and resources, the society presents its members with opportunities for scholarships, chances at getting published in national literary journals, and an international convention where students can share their  thoughts and ideas with members from schools well beyond their own regions.  Sigma Tau Delta breaks down barriers between schools, putting the work of Fordham students in front of a wider audience, not bound to our campuses.

Through the process of gathering signatures and meeting with members of the department, I have come to realize just how much untapped potential rests inside the program. Students, teachers, and department officers, all responded with tremendous enthusiasm at the prospect of gaining a chapter of this society. Especially encouraging was seeing that a group of students had tried to charter a Sigma Tau Delta chapter here once before. Now, with the full support of the school and the students, the English community finally gets the outlet it has wanted and needed for years.

Fordham University, a school that produced a literary mind as influential as Don Dellilo, needs an outlet to create and preserve its own literary tradition. This society will enhance the visibility of Fordham's English program. All that it requires now is for students to sign up and show their talents to the rest of the Sigma Tau Delta chapters.

Alpha Chi Omicron, Fordham’s chapter of Sigma Tau Delta, will induct its first class of members on Saturday, March 25, in Tognino Hall at Duane Library.  Phillip Robbins will be the chapter’s first president.