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Sept 18: Inaugural Lecture Takes on Higher Education

The Sixth Annual English Department Inaugural Lecture 

Higher Education: In Search of an Ethic

by  Leonard Cassuto, Professor of English, Fordham University

Wednesday, September 18th at 4 PM
Walsh Library's Flom Auditorium
Fordham University's Rose Hill campus

Videoconferenced to Lowenstein Hall Room 708
Fordham's Lincoln Center campus

Leonard Cassuto writes a monthly column for the
Chronicle of Higher Education called "The Graduate Adviser."  He is currently studying the place of higher education in American culture, and his book on that topic, "The Graduate School Mess," is under contract at Harvard University Press.


Is higher education a business?  Is it a service?  A calling?  Today student debt is rising, universities behave like corporations, and commentators deride college as "a scam." What's happening and what can we do about it?   Professor Cassuto's lecture will address these questions and others.