The 21st Century Creative Writer

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Tuesday, March 5th @ 7 p.m
Fordham Lincoln Center, South Lounge
113 W. 60th Street @ Columbus

What tools, skills might be necessary for the 21st Century creative writer? How can you position yourself strategically this new era of reading and writing? These are just a few of the questions our panel of acclaimed writers will address.


Monica Ong creates installations and interactive narratives that investigate social hierarchies and cultural silences in the context of public health. The silence of the daughter, the fear of losing face, and untranslated trauma, are aspects of the medical-emotional landscape that her work evokes.  Monica completed her MFA in Digital Media at the Rhode Island School of Design. 

Adam Parrish is an artist and a software architect at Socialbomb.  He has ten years of professional programming experience and teaches at the Interactive Telecommunications Program at New York University.

Danny Snelson is a writer, editor, and archivist. His online editorial work can be found on UbuWeb, PennSound, and Eclipse. He works with James Hoff as No Input Books, with Alejandro Crawford as Ex Libris, and lives in collaboration with Mashinka Firunts. Screenings, readings, lectures, and performances at Semiospectacle, Centre Pompidou, Dispatch Bureau, Ontological Hysteric Theater, Subtext Series, Gallery D21 Leipzig, Capricious Space, CRG Gallery, Lisa Cooley Gallery, and with free103point9 Transmission Arts. Recent projects include Simultaneously Agitated Space (Mimeo Mimeo #3), Endless Nameless, my Dear coUntess, Equi Nox, The Book of Ravelling Women, No-Body Zone, Noise!2010, and Edit: Performing Network Publishing (with Tan Lin).