Policies & Procedures



Adding Content to English Connect

Adding content to the News Section of English Connect automatically updates the English Department Facebook and Twitter accounts.  

English Connect should be used to post

  • News:  English Department and faculty news

  • Event Profiles:  English Department events

  • Achievements:  Faculty/Student accomplishments related to academia

  • Opportunities:  Fordham-related opportunities for students




(Note: You can easily add content to English Connect without logging into the site by using Bookmarklet or Post by Email.

  • Go to the English Connect website:  http://fordhamenglish.com

  • Hit the “esc” button

  • Login with your personal credentials (You will be sent an invitation from Squarespace to become a “Content Editor” of the site.)

  • The News section of English Connect uses a "Blog" format.  Here's how to add a new post to News.  Watch the video for a step by step demonstration on how to add a new post.

  • Click on “Latest” under the “News” folder.

  • Click on “Add Post” button

  • Enter your Post Title (40 characters max).  Use initial caps.

  • Enter the body of your post

    • After you add your body text, always add an image to go along with your news entry, if possible.

      • To add an image click on the “+” button in the lower left hand corner.  Click on the Image block.  Images should be no larger than 1500px wide, with a dpi of 72.  More on adding images is here.  

    • Add "Categories" to your your entries if possible.  Pre-populated categories are:  Creative Writing, Events, Achievements, Opportunities, Digital Humanities.  



Revising Content and Twitter:

English Connect posts are linked to the English Department Facebook and Twitter. To ensure that you do not recreate a duplicate Twitter entry when you are revising a published post:

  • Click on the "Social" tab of the post
  • Click on the "Off" button next to the Twitter icon.


Inviting New Contributors to English Connect

Here are instructions on how to add a new contributor to English Connect.

  • You must have "Administrator" permissions to add a new contributor.  Always give "Contributor" permissions to  staff– never "Administrator " permissions.


Adding Events to English Dept. Calendars


To streamline how English Department events are displayed and accessed, we currently use two Google calendars.  

English Events (Fordham) Calendar:  
Events posted to this calendar will automatically show up on the English Department website calendar.  This calendar is used to post events that are appropriate to display to the public, our students and faculty.  For example, readings and lectures, etc.  

All events posted on the English Events Calendar must be both:

  • Organized or sponsored by the department

  • Open to the entire department.

English Internal (Fordham) Calendar:
This calendar is for English Department faculty events only.  It will not be shared with the public.  For example, department meetings, committee meetings, etc.

Before posting an events to either Calendar

  • Make sure that your date, time and location have been secured as your event will go live automatically on that particular English Department calendar.

Procedure for Posting


  • Log in to gmail.com

  • Click on “Calendar” link on the black header menu at top of screen

  • Make sure the English Events (Fordham) and English Internal (Fordham) calendar squares are highlighted. This will prevent you from posting an event that conflicts with an existing event.

  • Click on red “Create” button

  • Enter a short event title (Keep this to 35 characters.)

  • Enter Date and Time of Event (start and end)

  • In “Where” field, enter event address.  So that Google maps can provide directions, use the following format.

    • 441 E. Fordham Road, Bronx, NY (Keating 1st)

    • 113 W. 60th Street, New York, NY (12th Floor Lounge)

  • Use the pull-down to select the calendar to which you are posting.

  • Enter event description in “Description” field.  This can be as long as you like.  However, we recommend, at most, around two paragraphs of text.

  • Do not change the color of any individual event.   

  • Spell and grammar check.

  • Don’t change any other settings unless you really know what you’re doing.

  • Click on the red “Save” button