English Connect is the blog of the English department and can be used to post news articles such as:

  • News:  English Department and faculty news

  • Event Profiles:  English Department events

  • Achievements:  Faculty/Student accomplishments related to academia

  • Opportunities:  Fordham-related opportunities for students


How to post english connect

  • Go to the English Connect website:  http://fordhamenglish.com

  • Hit the “esc” button

  • Login with your personal credentials (You will be sent an invitation from Squarespace to become a “Content Editor” of the site.)  You will see the site index appear on the left side of the screen.

  • You will only be adding content to the "News" section of English Connect. Click on “Latest” under the “News” folder. NEVER, NEVER DELETE "Latest" as we will lose the entire contents of the English Connect blog.

  • "Latest" uses a "Blog" format. Here's how to add a new post to News. Watch the video for a step by step demonstration on how to add a new post.

  • Click on “+” button to add a new post.

  • Enter in a short title for your post. Use initial caps. Think of it as a newspaper headline, not as your individual expression. Use the future for something upcoming and the present for an event or accomplishment, e.g. "Jones Receives Nobel Prize." If you can concisely include a connection to Fordham in the title, do, e.g. "Fordham Professor Joy Jones Receives Nobel Prize."

  • Enter in the body of your post. This is a blog written in the voice of the English department, so if it's suddenly in another voice, that is confusing. Please write in the third person (even if this is about yourself). Alternatively, you can provide an opening short paragraph in italics explaining what the reader is about to read, e.g. Jane Doe is a first year PhD. student in the English department who wanted to share with us her experience..... In this example, you would then proceed into the first person narrative. Remember that English Connect stories will be shared on Facebook, Twitter, and elsewhere, but that what people will see first is the headline, the image, and the first few words. So make those first few words count. The ideal length is just a couple of paragraphs in length, though some stories can be longer. 

  • Add at least one Category to your post. There are some pre-made Categories already available for your use.  If you don't see a Category that speaks to your news item, feel free to create an additional Category.

  • Add at thumbnail image to your post. Click on the "Options" tab.  Upload your image (square-ish images work best). Make sure that little white circle is centered appropriately.

  • Click on "Social" tab.  Turn on the switches for Twitter and Facebook and Squarespace will automatically post your news item to these channels.

  • If you want to save your post as a draft, click on the "Save" button.  If you are ready to publish your post, click on the "Save & Publish" button.

  • After publishing your post, go to fordhamenglish.com, and check that your work is showing up correctly.