A Greater Call

I'm crawling out of my ironic hole to share something my very smart Grandma, Rosalyn, wrote me after she woke up and saw the election results:

"This is not the legacy I wanted for you. This is a disturbing and heartrending time for people like myself, who have come out of the muck of despair, and seen what can and could be done...only to see us sinking back into a deliberately created pool of ignorance. In my small way I have fought the battle for myself and for my kin, but at my age it causes physical pain to read the latest election results and think of what could have been.

My father was a socialist, and I am proud of that fact. From day 1 I was made aware of how to think and care about others, to think of those worse off than ourselves, and to have a sensitive conscience where others were concerned. We have good people who feel the same way, and whose eyes are on the horizon or above, with dreams and hopes for a better life for all who are born today. Surely we must find a way to round these people up, and rally them to a cause that is greater than themselves. There is a greater call for us to listen to more than the grumbling of our own stomachs from a missed lunch, to those who have never known a full belly. It will be up to you younger more vigorous citizens of the world to do the writing, gathering, invigorating job that awaits doing. Writers and poets for centuries have carried the banners for the world to see. I guess it is your turn now."

It's not just our own futures we should be worried about. Those of us who are lucky to still have our grandparents and elder loved ones with us owe it to them to turn things around while they're still around to see it done.