I live in Fordham housing off campus and one day I was walking home quite late. I happened to be walking behind a white girl and I knew she lived in my building as she was bringing out her keys as we were approaching it. I was holding a lot in my hand so I was glad someone had their keys available, for convenience's sake, but she started walking faster, looking behind her as though I was following her. When she got to the building she turned around very quickly and asked what I wanted and was trying to look at the security guard as though to get his attention. I really should have spat at her for being so disrespectful. I'm a young woman and I don't even look threatening! Instead I told her I lived there and asked if she could help me open the door. She looked dumbfounded, which is fine. I don't expect any more from a young white female who is used to living in the suburbs of Connecticut.

And I know she wouldn't have done that if I were white.