Adding Content to The Brink Magazine


Adding Magazine Pieces

  • Think of the magazine as an "The Brink Issues" blog, which you are adding entries to. This video will show you how to add an entry using the Squarespace interface. Here is a sample of an entry.

    • Click once on the "The Brink Issues" blog in the Pages Index under the “Not Linked” section. It is denoted by a lowercase “a”

    • Click on the "+" button

    • When you add the new entry, just enter the title of the work as the Page Title.

    • Create a text block, by clicking on the "+" symbol.

    • Enter Author Name and style it with H3 (heading 3)

    • Hit Return key for a "hard return." 

    • Enter Issue Number and Issue Title style it with H3 (heading 3)

      • You can add the floating "•" by holding down "Option" and "8" on a Mac keyboard

      • Create another text block, by clicking on the "+" symbol.

        • Align this new text box beside the Author Name

        • After that, you can paste in the text of the piece as Normal Text.

          • Sometimes there may be smaller text within the body text after you have pasted the piece in.  To get rid of this erroneous formatting, highlight the text and click on the "Void" icon (circle with a slash through it.

          • Once the entry is complete, Tag it with the correct Category.

            • Issue 2’s Category is “Brink-Wanderlust”

          • Add a Banner image to each magazine piece by clicking on the "Options" and adding a Thumbnail image.

          • At the end of each piece, add a “Back to The Brink” button by adding a button block and adding the link:

      • Once you are finished adding selections, make sure to have at least one other staff member cross-check your work for any grammar, spelling or formatting issues. 


An Important Note on Formatting Magazine Entries

  • Make sure that you have preserved original formatting as much as possible.  Some pieces that are left-justified may need to be centered because the Page Title of each entry is automatically centered.  This is to preserve the aesthetic of the online margins on the CURA website


How to Clean HTML Code When Pasting Magazine Entries from Other Applications

You may sometimes need to "clean" code from Magazine entries that are cut and pasted from other applications like Submishmash, MS Word documents etc.  You'll know you need to clean because your cut and paste from Word results in incorrent formatting.  Also, when you go to the Mode Editor and switch from WYSIWIG to Raw HTML the code will be very messy to look at.  

  • When you open a Word Doc, copy the text. Open TextEdit (for Mac) or NotePad (for PC) and paste it. Then go to Format > Make Plain Text. That should strip everything out of the formatting. When you paste it into the website, you will need to redo any italicization etc and use soft-Returns (Shift+Return) for line breaks.


Special Formatting Considerations

Visual Art

  • Format: Artist will be submitting art in various formats. For display on web, please make a copy of the original file and Save As in a JPG format. This helps with page load times as JPGs are highly compressed. TIFF files are great for printing, but are uncompressed and therefore large and slow. You can convert formats in the Preview or Photoshop or any other basic image editing application.

  • The max width for the page is 1500 pixels. If the image is less wide than that, then upload it at full size. 

  • Check out this video on how to insert images.

  • This is an image heavy style of website. If possible, for the best results with blog and page thumbnails, try to upload a horizontal image that are at least 1500 pixels wide. iPhones are capable of images that are 2000 pixels wide - so when taking photos w/ them, have the students send the largest possible size of the image to the editors. In photoshop, you can go to Image Size to size the image down to 1500 pixels in width. You can also use the crop tool to crop the image that so has a more widescreen aspect ratio (16:9) - it doesn't have to be exact but when viewing the page, the theme will auto-crop the image - and if you have faces that you don't want to cut off, then crop so that the important part of the image is vertically centered. After that hit "Save for Web" - that will make the image light and fast without slowing down the site.



To justify text, use the Code Block with the below bold HTML code

<p style="text-align:justify">Your text should go in between these HTML tags</p>