Vignette One

Lucia Bailey

ISSUE NO. 1 • To Have a heart

I wrote this piece because it was something that stayed with me for a while. Every time I wrote a new piece, I couldn’t help to think that I needed to write this one. I like to think it shows the simple beauty of human contact.

His thumb slides over your knuckles in a slow, steady pace. You didn’t know that you needed this, secretly wished for it when he wasn’t there. Another pain comes in your stomach and you groan, his grasp simply tightens.

“Look at me,” you force yourself to meet his gaze, “focus on my hand.”

Such a stupid thing to say, you think. What the hell is his hand going to do? You do it though and you listen as he talks about his day and this bastard new co-worker and how his boss made fun of his tie. About half-way through you telling him about your day, you recognize the pain has subsided.

“Hey, the pain is gone,” you say and he picks up your hand and his lips graze your fingers.

“Human contact reduces pain.”