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Professor Enelow

Professor Enelow

Professor Enelow has published a profound and powerful review of Mike Leigh latest film Peterloo in the most recent issue of Film Comment. “Peterloo depicts the political reform movement that led to the eponymous massacre of 1819, in which at least 60,000 peaceful protestors gathered in a field in Manchester and were attacked, unprovoked, by the military.”

Professor Enelow’s review is, as one would expect, astute and insightful. Here is just a sample:

“Peterloo inexorably builds to a violent climax, and offers no dulcet title card at the end (you have to go elsewhere to learn about the aftermath and historical effects of the massacre). But its open-endedness makes an important point. The truism that politics is theater has arguably never sounded more glib than it does today; if there’s any virtue in the thundering obviousness of the remark in 2019, it might simply be that it prompts more nuanced ones. What kinds of performances lead to what kinds of action? What kinds of spectators should citizens be?” 

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