Writing for Publication, Fall 2019 Creative Writing Course

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Fall 2019 Creative Writing Course

ENGL 3019, Section 31
Writer’s Workshop: Writing for Publication
Lincoln Center Campus, Tues/Fri, 2:30 - 3:45 pm


“Writing for Publication” is designed to enhance your ability to get your writing to the audience you're looking for. If you have a special passion--Theatre? Vegan cooking? Climate change? Traveling?—this course will help you shape what you have to say into a personal essay, a review, a profile or an op-ed, with an eye toward successfully getting your writing to receptive editors, whether commercially (maybe at a place where you have or want an internship) or on campus. Published articles, called “clips,” will make you more desirable for a first internship or a more competitive second internship. Getting a good internship, or networking with classmates who may already internships, often leads to new opportunities, including entry level jobs. Guests to class will include recent Fordham graduates, many whose first clips appeared in campus publications and who are now successful media professionals writing for or editing publications such as Bustle.com, TeenVogue.com, TheZoeReport.com, Makeup.com, The New York Times, WashingtonPost.com, or media organizations, such as SesameStreet where writing is a key component.

NOTE: if you're doing an internship at a publication that requires you to receive academic credit, this writing course qualifies.